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Our Supporters

These dealers are supporting the New Zealand trials community by supporting TRIALS.NZ

Without their support we couldn't provide the services that we do, so hats off to the teams that help us help you!

Spanish Trial Moto trials logo

Spanish Trial is the offical New Zealand distributor of Vertigo moto trials bikes, MOTs moto gear and boast great technical support and mechanical back up.

021 031 9897

Marlborough Trials Center Logo

Marlborough Trials are proud distributors of Sherco, Scorpa, TRRS and Montesa trials bikes and a large range of trials-related equipment, parts and gear.


027 431 3486

Scorpa Moto trials logo
Sherco Moto trials logo
Montesa Moto trials logo
TRS Moto trials logo
Dirt 3.jpeg
Beta Moto trials logo
Warren Laugesen Beta Moto Trials bike dealer

Get your Beta moto trials bike and support from the locals

New Bikes, Full OEM and aftermarket Parts and Tires - 


021 686 024 

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