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How to list/post events

Its very easy, use the "Contact Us" button to get the password.

When you have the password, you can go to the "Add Your Trial" page to list an event, or "Update Your Trial" to update details, enter the password and you're home 'n' hosed. 

Share the link to the page on the NZ Trials Facebook group, your club Facebook page and your mailing list. Done! 

If you would like to have a look at an example event, please click the button below, there is an online sign up included which can also be edited to your liking, or you can provide your own. 

Help sheet for listing events >

Help sheet for updating events >

How to post results

We have two resources available to make admin easy for you, an excel spreadsheet for use on the day and a ranking calculator for all VCS classes. 

The spreadsheet for use on the day creates with a single click, all names score cards for printing no matter the amount of sections (up to 15) or laps (up to 4).

Online entries can be used to pre-populate the score entry tables, cards and a disclaimer signature page.

Also provided is a live updated display for a TV.

Riders may also be entered manually on the day or after cards have been printed with no drama regardless of one day licenses.

Scores recorded into this spreadsheet will feed the VCS ranking calculator noted below.  

The calculator that handles ALL current VCS classes and standard grades (minis included).

It  automatically applies all time base penalties, DNFs riders with too many 5's (but not if they are in the lowest grade available), gives 5's for sections that are not attempted when the rider has attempted over 80% but not 100% of sections, sorts out ties right down to the finish time.

Some rules are only applied when Championship rules are in place, so our scoring calculator has a selectable rule set so it can be used for your club trials too. 

It will handle up to 3 Days of 4 laps with 15 sections per lap. 

We simply need the raw data from you and we can post your scores online. 

Use the "Contact Us" button below to get in touch to talk with us about how to go about getting your raw scores turned in to great results and posted on your event.

Help sheet for providing results >

How to list/update your club

Its very easy, use the "Contact Us" button below.

We will get in touch with you, you can provide us with the details that you would like on your club listing, we update it for you. Done! 

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