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How to get started in Trials

What You Need to Know - Your Step By Step Guide

1. What is moto trials?

Moto trials, also known as trials, is a competitive motorcycle sport where riders navigate through challenging obstacle natural courses. The objective is to maintain balance, control, and finesse while conquering various obstacles.

Watch some NZ Moto Trials below:

2. The Bike and Gear

In moto trials, specialised motorcycles designed specifically for this sport are used. These bikes are lightweight, agile, and have specific features like a low seat height (or none at all!), a responsive engine.

Popular brands for moto trials motorcycles include Vertigo, Beta, GasGas, Sherco, and Montesa. 

If you want to give it a try before committing to a purchase, your local club might have a club bike that you can try at an event. 

At a minimum you'll need an approved helmet, some boots, gloves and a long sleeve shirt and pants are suggested.

In a pinch, an open face road legal scooter helmet should also be fine. Or a full face Moto X helmet too. 

You can get a new or second hand bike and riding gear in the follow locations

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3. Join the NZ Trials Facebook Group

This is the best way into the community, everyone is friendly and welcoming.

However you'll find most of the answers to basic questions on the webpage you are reading right now. 

4. Subscribe to Trial Announcements

TRIALS.NZ has the most accurate and most complete listing of Trials events in NZ, we send a monthly email with details for all events for the following month, as well as yearly calendars for major events. No spam ever. 

Subscribe to Trial Announcements

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5. Find your local club

There is likely a club near you, the members will be friendly, welcoming and will certainly help you get started. 

Find a club near you below. 

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6. Find events

To find moto trials events in New Zealand, you can start by checking our club directory!

Your local club probably holds at least one event a month. The cost for these events is typically only $20 for adults and $5 or $10 for Kids (generally under 18). Make sure you bring cash!

If you don't have a club and MNZ licence then you'll also need $XX to purchase a "one event licence".

Click the button to view our events calendar

7. Get a Licence - If you don't already have one

This is different from your drivers licence, to ride at MNZ affiliated events you'll need two licences, your club licence and your MNZ licence. 

Firstly, if you want to try without committing, you can ride at several MNZ events on a "one event licence", which can be purchased at the event for around $20. Remember to keep these forms because MNZ will give you a $30 discount on your first years licence if you can provide two of these on your application.

After you have used a "one event licence" a few times you'll need to get an MNZ license for real, but you need a club licence to get this.

Secondly, get your club licence, talk to your local club about this using the contact details above, a club licence typically costs between $20 and $50 a year. They will likely mail you a club licence card. 

Thirdly, get your MNZ license. You'll need your club license to do so. This one costs about $90 per year (for first time application), and you must pass a short open book test to get the licence. They will mail you a log book, this is your licence and you'll need it at all MNZ events (which is most Trials events).

To get the discount you'll need to use the paper form and not the "app".

Attach 2x "One event licences" from the last 6 months for a $30 discount. 

8. Get help

Prior experience is not necessary to start participating in moto trials. It's a sport that welcomes riders of all skill levels, including beginners. But some help from a seasoned veteran will help a lot!

Phil Shilton operates a School and Trials and will be able to help you dial in the basics to kick start your skill set. 

Other options include finding someone at your club who is happy to spend sometime getting you on top of the basics. 

You can find one on one training here

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