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Ixion Roving Trial, Tour de Judd's


IXION Motorcycle Club (Wellington)


Ixion Roving Trial, Tour de Judd's
Start Date:
Sign On:

23 April 2023

9:00 pm

1 Day

8:30 pm


583 State Highway 58, Judgeford 5381, New Zealand

Trial Information

The local Tour de Judds (SSDT style) is here and frankly, I'm excited on your behalf...!

Entry fee: Adults $20, Juniors $10.

Property Access: click here for a map SH.58 Haywards Hill - Waka Kotahi have joined up the cheese cutter past Judd's gateway so people from the Hutt side will need to continue to Harris Rd to cross to the entry side. Similarly at the end people from the north will need to go south to Mt Cecil Rd or (the safer option) SH2 roundabout to get turned around. We are parking in the normal spot, down the steep driveway.


Ixion MCC’s roving trial is intended as a fun day out on trials bikes covering some of the best open country trials areas the club has access to.

This is a self guided trial with a clearly marked loop and 24 sections that are spread across a 14-15 Km loop of Wellington hill country that offers fabulous trials riding and panoramic views across Mana Island, Porirua and Wellington harbours over to the South island.

Using a combination of 8 well known sections and 16 new sections there is something for everyone as you travel from bush valley to grassed hill tops across a working farm on private land.

The 24 section loop is ridden twice for a total of 48 sections with a cut off time of 3:30pm (see below for further detail)

The loop while steep in places (both up and down) is easily ridable by competent social grade riders, reliable bikes with good brakes are essential as the loop down hills in places is quite steep and requires care and low speed.

The trial is on a working farm and it is critical that riders treat the land and stock with the upmost respect, keeping speeds down and avoiding pushing stock or causing stock to panic. There is also a lot of hidden ruts, rocks and bumps between sections which could result in injury which would ruin a lot of folks day, so stay on the marked tracks, stay alert and keep your speed down.

This is a big trial and riding 2 full loops will be tiring, accordingly the sections are set with the distance and time in mind and most sections can be ridden with just a cursory walk, many require no walk. Obstacles are well spaced so that precise set up from one obstacle to the next obstacle is not important, i.e. the sections are flowing with plenty of room.

With a bailout point back to the carpark between sections 12 and  13 the loop lay out means that riders can ride ¼, ½, ¾ or full distance (i.e. 12, 24, 36 or 48 sections) if time, fitness or breakdown is a problem, however scores will be taken for the full 48 sections and unattempt sections will attract the full 5 points. Although as this is intended to be a fun event many riders may choose for a fun ride with sections rather than a competitive ride worried about scores.


There are 4 grades available (using grade difficulty expected at a national event) and sections are set with 3 grades.

  • Social – ride the loop and attempt as many sections as desired.

  • Easy – Soft Blue (Clubman) - ride between the Red and White flags.

  • Medium  - Soft Green (President/Sportsman) follow the Yellow traffic light arrows.

  • Hard – Yellow (intermediate) follow Red traffic light arrows.Sections are generally set with no more than 2 obstacles in each, flowing with clear sight of the next obstacle and utilizing the terrain for turn points. Section set out should require no more than a cursory walk and some sections may require no walking.

Section difficulty is set anticipating the top riders in each grade to accumulate no more than 20 points for the day with mid-range riders accumulating no more than 60 points in total.

Loop 1 (sections 1-24) is expected to take 2-3 hours to complete.

Loop 2 (sections 25-48) is expected to take 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete.

Starting Protocol

  • 8:30am - Sign-on.

  • 9:15am - Riders Briefing

Starting at 9:30 Riders will be set off in small groups of no more than 4 and no less than 2. Once a group is clear of section 1 the next group will go. Hopefully this will create enough time between riders to keep congestion at bay. The key though is for everyone to walk sections as quickly as possible or be confident look ahead and ride the section without walking.

Cards will be handed in at the end of lap 1 and a new card taken, once the final rider is away on lap 2 the sweeps will begin pulling sections and direction markers (clearing away 24 sections and a 100 markers takes a fair bit of time). This will also help get scores completed before the end of the day and let the CoC know where riders roughly are.

Finishing Protocol

Finish time is no later than 3:30pm and time penalties will apply after that at 1-2 points per minute (TBA). Moving through the sections promptly but not racing between sections is the success factor for the trial. For safety and scoring, after 3:00pm sections 13 onwards will close and slow riders will be diverted from section 12 back via section 24 to the carpark.


Standard MNZ Moto-trials scoring is to be used.

Social riders will begin with a default 240 points (48 x5) with their score reducing from this based on the number of sections attempted and their success. Top riders in each grade should be able to complete the full 48 sections with no more than 20 points


The riding loops are long and at the upper limit or beyond of many bikes fuel capacity and, in many places, very exposed to wind and rain. All riders and motorcycles need to be well prepared carrying sufficient fuel, clothing and hydration.

It is recommended that all riders carry a small back pack containing as a minimum;

  • 1 to 1.5 litres of fuel as required to cover 20km with some reserve (as a reference a 300cc GG runs dry about section 18 or about the 12km mark).

  • Rain / wind jacket

  • Spare warm layer (thermal top)

  • Water

  • Cellphone

  • Basic tools (within the group)

  • Small fire extinguisher (within the group)


Trials specific machine only are permitted on the course, the event is unsuitable for machines of limited endurance (i.e. electric trials bikes) or for small wheeled machines.


Live stock

The trial spans a working farm and stock is present in the majority of paddocks. Riders are required to keep speeds down and proceed with extreme caution when stock are encountered, traveling very slowly until the stock are clear of the track. Riders are to avoid unnecessarily disturbing stock which due to the steepness of terrain could cause injury or stock loss.


The loop contains numerous and continuous natural hazards such as animal ruts, steep banks and slippery tracks, tomo’s and partially covered water courses, farming debris, steep tracks, gorse and nettles.


Weather, parts of the loops are high and exposed to rain and wind, even on warm days the tops can be cold and damp. Suitable clothing is necessary to accommodate changeable conditions.

Farming detritus

This is a working farm, as such fence posts, waratah’s, wire and various other farming items may be encountered and are not always obvious.


Most hazards will not be marked and riders should exercise extreme caution when traversing all areas including marked tracks, avoiding the edges or where long grass or scrub potentially obscures a washout or rock etc.

A couple of section specific notes.

Section 4 is long and follows the creek up a valley, it can be ridden without walking and everyone rides the section. Social and Easy follow the track, Medium and Hard drop into and out of the creek.

Section 7, at the end of section 7 the track nips up a short narrow track onto the main track. Any rider who is unhappy with the short track can backtrack to the start of 7, turn left and head up the track.

Section 8, is on the steep section of the track that runs from the valley floor to the power pylons above. Social and Clubman riders, the section is the track so don’t stop, blast through the start and out the finish where there is a flattish place to wait for you mates about 500mtrs up from section 7.

Section 9, is at the top where it is sheltered with fabulous views back across Mana island and Porirua harbour and is great place for a short breather.

Section 13, at the SH58 tunnel crossing, some 2way traffic in this area and congestion may occur in this area so caution is needed, this is also the recommended place to fill your fuel tanks with carried fuel.

Between sections 21 and 22 are tomo’s off to the side of the marked track. There is white bunting tape along the track so please stay on the track, entering these tomo’s would result in serious injury.

From Section 23 to the SH58 tunnel, this passes the landowners homes and uses the main track for the farm on that side of SH58. Please be considerate and keep speed down and stay on the marked track.

If the weather is bad, the trial may be restricted to 2 laps of 14 sections staying on one side of SH58. Decisions will be made on the day.


Updated every few days 


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